How to update content - Need to use the article rewriter tool?

02/10/2021 7:15 PM by Admin in Seo

Why content is important to your website



So you have created a website. It could be an eCommerce site, a restaurant or a site for a family business or a charity.

Whatever it is, it will need content!

Even if you are in a place where green content is an option, you need to create content for your readers. Not all of your blog posts apply to every one of your readers. But high quality, relevant content helps to stay in the minds of your readers. If you don’t deliver it, your competition is over.

Additionally, new content is not limited to your target audience. By determining whether your website is in the search results, Google determines whether your content is worth reading.

Google's methodology is constantly changing. But one thing that remains unchanged is the need for content.

You can write two blog posts, forget about your site for a while, and come back thinking that nothing happened.

Unfortunately, this is not true. If you do not continue to create content for your site, Google will rank the ‘relevant’ sites above you in the search results.

But what is ‘appropriate’?

Let’s say Google sees a blog post titled “How to Ace Logo Design” that you are trying to rank for the main logo design. You will forget about your site for a few months.

In the meantime, try to rank your competition not only for logo design, but also for keywords such as logo maker, company logos and trademarks.

Although your "How to Design an Ace Logo" article is unique, Google will reward other sites that can add value to their readers. Example>

 The reader finds the contestant's logo design article that includes internal links to relevant pages of their website

The reader follows the link to the logos of the competitor company's post

As a result the reader will be longer on the competitors ’website.

This sends a signal to Google that the website is relevant to keywords (or more) related content, which is a ‘relevant website’.

So now your website is not getting traffic from the forgotten post you wrote, and you are not creating new content. Google is taking care of this.

No content = no customers. Really easy.












How to publish content

Whether you are the owner of a small landscaping business, the marketing manager of a large company, or a part-time employee, you need to understand that consistent content creation is essential.

But, how many times?

In short, as often as possible.

In the long run, look at what your competition does. Do they post once a month? Once a week? Daily? If you are going to do it yourself, see how much you can do.

In fact, if you are not in a very competitive market, it is enough to post an article once a week.

The most important thing is that you are balanced.


How to create new content

When deciding what to write about, you must first set up a content plan. You may choose to use a content planning tool to do this. Content planning tools help you maintain an organized e-workplace and Zen life.

Now, you have tested two tools and found one that works for you. What's next?

1. Research terms

Whether you get traffic or not, you need to keep SEO in mind.

If you are inexperienced in that aspect, read SEO and search for free tools like Google Master Plan. While it is often helpful to trust your intuition about what content creation is all about, you will need data for certain factors, such as key difficulty. Tools will help you with this. Another tool I recommend is TextOptimizer, which helps improve the text on your web pages for SEO.

It’s worth looking at your competition and what they write about. This includes looking at their social media accounts and how involved they are.

2. Research for content

Now that you have your core research, plan how you are going to talk to your readers about it.

The keywords that Google tries to rank you in, read the first page of the results and read the blog posts.

 How to structure their content?

 How-are most of them?

 Do they use infographics?

Use your research to promote and create your content. Never loot.

If you are new to writing, a great tip for beginner writers is to write your H2s before writing a title or any other kind of content. This will allow you to plan and display the finished area.

3. What about updating existing content?

Great idea! In fact, we can't recommend this much. Updating content is a great way to save time, and sometimes money, while keeping readers engaged and Google indexing your site.

4. When to update content

You may have been hired for that new cool marketing job. Maybe you can start cutting content.

Fortunately for you (or not), there is reusable old content. Now, the question is: when can old content be updated?



What are article conversion tools?

As described above, an article converter is a piece of software that allows you to rewrite content using its built-in capabilities.

Article editing tools are often used by part-time employees around the world:

      Update old content,

      Create total content,

      Simplify complex content, and

      Create green content for social media.

Most article authors include:

      Recognition of words in the original text,

      Checks their built-in vocabulary,

      Then each word can be replaced by an object.

In some cases, these tools can help rewrite content with SEO thanks to tools that protect key tools.

They’re like Holy Grail or content creation, aren’t they?

Unfortunately, like most things, they have their limitations. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of using article modification.


Using an essay writer tool and hiring a writer

So you have come so far. Now the question comes between rewriting with a tool or hiring someone to update the content for you.

The task of hiring someone is time consuming and often expensive. You have to deal with many opportunities and hope they will do a better job.

Most cheap writers will use an existing replacement tool.

Once you want to find a solution, you need to ask yourself some important questions.

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Want to learn article editing?
  • How much time do you have to give?
  • Is the cost of a writer’s tool higher than hiring someone?



Creating, updating and rewriting content is something that many people avoid doing. They do not understand that content is king and content marketing strategy is necessary regardless of the main location.

If you understand the need for content, but you are too thin, it is important to learn how to delegate responsibilities so that you can free up more ROI tasks. But make sure you recognize high quality content so that you can see the editors properly before you hire them.

If you are a freelancer who wants to delve deeper into writing, know that training is perfect. Find blogs for guest posts. If they are a small blog, they will have time to provide some ideas in your writing.

In the end, there is no point in doing your research and rewriting your content over time and having analyzes.

Remember, stealing a random article and using a tool to rewrite it automatically is plagiarism. Doing so will not affect your wallet in the long run, but it will hinder your progress as a writer.